VETERANS COME FIRST Employment And Housing

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VETERANS COME FIRST Employment And Housing

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VETERANS COME FIRST Employment And Housing

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VCF is in coordination with local educational agencies, actively works with military veterans and families to ensure that the five required activities are available to them particularly those with disabilities.with disabilities. These services may be general or individualized in nature and are provided in accordance with the needs of the individual.

The five required activities are listed below, along with examples of how these services may be provided.

Job Exploration Counseling

Exploration of information about labor market composition, in-demand industry sectors, and nontraditional employment.

Discussions regarding in-demand occupations, career pathways, and vocational interest inventory results.

Work-Based Learning Experiences

Paid or unpaid internships, apprenticeships, short-term employment, and on-the-job trainings in the community.

Participation in informational interviews, work site tours, job shadowing, and mentoring opportunities in the community.

Postsecondary Enrollment Counseling

Reviewing information about college, vocational, or trade school application and admissions processes, course offerings, career options, and resources available to support student success.

Advising students and parents on academic curricula, postsecondary opportunities associated with career fields or pathways, and the type of academic and occupational training needed to succeed in the workplace.

Support in completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).

Workplace Readiness Training

Opportunities to acquire and apply work-appropriate social skills, such as communication and interpersonal skills.

Development of independent living skills such as financial literacy, mobility, and job-seeking skills.

Learning about employer expectations for punctuality, performance, and other "soft" skills necessary for employment.

Self-Advocacy Training

Learning about rights and responsibilities, and how to request accommodations or services and supports. Practice communicating thoughts, concerns, and needs.

Participation in youth leadership activities, peer mentoring, or mentoring with educational staff.

Long-Term Job Supports The California Department of Rehabilitation offers various long-term job supports – also called “ongoing supports” or “extended services.” These typically offer help with training or retraining on:

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Job tasks

Dealing with schedule changes
Adjusting to new supervisors
Promotion to new job tasks or positions Managing changes in nonwork environments or life activities that affect work performance DOR can also contract with a local rehabilitation provider to supply you with other long-term support services that can help you keep your job and move ahead in your career. These services are supplied at no cost and can include things like supported employment, community employment, and center-based employment.

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Veteran Employment Services

You’ve served us, now let us serve you! We know what you have personally sacrificed for our country’s independence and collective success, and we are here with resources and support to help you find your own post-service success. Goodwill Southern California has established a program dedicated solely to assisting veterans throughout Los Angeles (North of Rosecrans), San Bernardino and Riverside Counties. Unemployed veterans benefit from a host of services delivered via Universal Access, Core and Intensive Services. Program Specialists, former vets themselves, are uniquely qualified to respond to and address the special needs of those who have served our country and now face the challenges of transitioning into a civilian world, advance beyond their military careers and regain their independence, a sense of pride, dignity and purpose.

Veteran Employment Program advisors offers skills assessments, one-on-one career counseling, employment preparation courses, educational and technical skills classes, and work tools as well as access to a host of other partner services including shelter and housing assistance, transportation assistance, medical and dental health services, mental health and substance abuse counseling, Veterans Benefits Assistance and more – all aimed at helping veterans secure meaningful and sustainable employment.

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Program Services

One-on-One Career Counseling Job Search Strategies Access to Computer, Internet, Phone, Fax and Copier Resume Writing Computer and Skills Training Interview Workshops Financial Management Access to Community Resources Text Books, Bus Passes, and other Work Tools On-the-Job Training Opportunities Career Development and Job Leads Entrepreneurial Assistance One-year Follow-up Services Documentation Requirements Current Photo ID Social Security Card, or Right-to-Work Documents DD 214, or Proof of Service Letter Proof of Income (e.g. EDD Unemployment Letter, GR Letter, etc.) Proof of Selective Service Registration (Males Only—Born after 01/01/1960) Partnerships

The Veteran Employment Program is also connected with local universities, colleges, trade schools, hospitals, clinics, businesses, community based organizations, unions and government agencies to better assist veterans by providing comprehensive services for those who require assistance in overcoming multiple barriers to employment. Following is a list of partner organizations and a brief description of our collaborative work:

The VIP is a veterans’ employment program offered and is specifically designed to help vets secure employment through our community partners. For example, if a veteran wants to return to school, our staff can help. We maintain a working relationship with the Los Angeles Community College District, and University of California and California State University systems.


We believe VCF provides a common point of reference and a shared understanding between veteran job seekers and employers. Through our expertise, we built the Veteran Employment Program through the United States Dept. of Labor Grant, Homeless Veterans Reintegration Program